BARDOU Haircare 

I was recently lucky enough to be contacted by Shannon at BARDOU, and offered a chance to be an affiliate with their gorgeous brand. 

Their philosophy is delivering luxury products for you to create gorgeous hair at home. They supply a wide range of hair products and accessories from dry shampoos and treatments, to hair rollers and brushes. The Keratin enriched formula promotes shine, volume and condition. Each of the products are made in Britain, packed with wholesome essences and elixirs delicately selected from all around the world. 

I recieved their products and the first thing that I noticed was how chic the black and gold packaging is.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Finishing mist which is a hairspray and the Immaculate spray which is a dry shampoo. 

First off, these products smell AMAZING. They really do. I’m not really one who normally uses hairspray, as being a redhead, the less product I use and the less hair washing I have to do, the better my colour lasts. BUT. I have been using this hairspray like its going out of style since I got it! The formula is so lightweight, yet still holds your style in place. It keeps your hair looking glossy, but doesn’t feel like you’ve got a ton of product in your hair. It brushes right out once you’re done with that style too, meaning you don’t get a build up over time. 

I was very grateful to recieve the Immaculate finish dry shampoo, can you ever really have too much dry shampoo?? No. No you can’t. 

Again, the smell is lovely, I have dark roots and it doesn’t go a really bright funny grey/white powdery colour when you spray it on, so it brushes out flawlessly. For me, this works perfectly, however I know that for those of you who have more oily hair, it can be hard to find a good dry shampoo which effectively stops the slick. But I think it does a decent job of giving you an extra day or two before giving in to a proper hair wash. 

Over all I’m really happy with the products I’ve tried from Bardou, and will be trying more in future. 

You can buy them HERE, and if you use code ROBYN10 you will recieve 10% off! 

Thanks for reading lovelies. 

Talk soon! Xx


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