Modern Renaissance

So. Modern Renaissance. I really don’t feel like this palette needs a review. I mean, look at it. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but it kind of speaks for itself. 

Nevertheless, I shall try. 

First off lets start with the basics. This beautiful little palette contains 14 shades and will set you back Β£41.00 which is slightly more than past Anastasia palettes. 

It contains a nice mix of finishes, 9 mattes, 2 shimmers and 3 satins. It’s got a gorgeous range of warm shades which are actually very wearable. They blend like a dream, and the pigmentation is to die for. 

There are endless looks to be created with this palette. The 2 shimmer shades are stunning, especially when mixed with Mac fix + or something similar to make them pop. There are a few great transition shades and the matte shadows build on each other effortlessly. 

Everybody and their mama have been raving about this palette and for good reason. It’s got everything you could need to create summery looks, and will transition well into autumn with the gorgeous orange shades. 

If warm tones are your thing (we all know I’m obsessed with them) you will adore this palette. In my opinion it’s well worth the price tag and Personally I’ve gotten loads of use out of it in the 4 weeks that I’ve owned it. 

I ordered mine from Beauty Bay and it arrived the very next day πŸ’­ 

One thing I forgot to mention is the packaging. It’s beautiful, a gorgeous dusky pink suade cover, with gold embossing. It feels luxurious and looks beautiful in amongst my collection. The only issue is that because of the soft material (and my foundation hands), it’s already got a few makeup stains on it. But it’s what’s inside that counts isn’t it!? 

Have you tried it yet? Ive enjoyed every moment of playing with this palette and I’ve loved reading reviews and seeing all the looks that people have come up with. 

Thanks for reading lovelies πŸ’—

Talk soooooon XO


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