Urban Decay Naked Palettes Compared πŸ’•


So while I was sorting through my collection, I got a little distracted, and a tad carried away with swatching eyeshadow palettes, and in the process I fell in love all over again with my Urban Decay NAKED Palettes. This is a post for all those of you who have been considering diving into the world of the NAKED palette, but still aren’t 100% sure which one to go for or which one to try next. With 4 beautiful palettes to choose from it’s not an easy decision. So I thought I’d do a little comparison for you! 

So let’s first just clear up some of the basic over all qualities that the palettes have. 

  • They all feature 12 shades with a mixture of mattes, shimmers and satin finishes. 
  • They all include a high quality double ended synthetic brush and a large mirror. 
  • The shadows are (for the most part) very highly pigmented, creamy and extremely easy to blend and work with. 


NAKED Original Palette

So first up is the beautiful original. It consists of gorgeous metallic shades ranging from bright shimmering nudes, neutral mattes, and deep metallic silvers and purples. 


It’s mostly made up of warm toned neutral shadows but there are a few cool colours. I just love how much variety you have in this palette and how well the colours complement each other. 


This is a great all rounder and is perfect for creating natural day time looks or dramatic evening looks. The metallic shades come off really strong when applied so you can definitely get creative with this one. 


Colours have been swatched left to right:

  •  Virgin – Champagne with a pearl finish. 
  • Sin – Pale pink shimmer. 
  • Naked – Matte light/medium brown
  • Sidecar –  Light bronze shimmer
  • Buck – Matte medium/dark brown
  • Half Baked – Bright golden shimmer
  • Smog – Medium bronze shimmer
  • Darkhorse – Deep chocolate/khaki shimmer
  • Toasted – Light Mauve/pink pearl
  • Hustle – Deep Mauve/purple pearl
  • Creep – Deep metallic graphite shimmer
  • Gunmetal – Literally gunmetal grey/silver with a hint of silver glitter. 


NAKED 2 Palette

So next came the NAKED 2 palette, highly anticipated after the success of the first one. This definitely has a more obvious cool toned vibe to it, though the over all look isn’t all that different to the NAKED 1. It contains more muted, earthy tones and only shares one shade in common with the first palette which is the bright golden shade ‘Half Baked’.


 I must say, though I adore the colours, this is my least used of the four, as I tend to sway more towards warm tones, but there are some gems in here, and if cool toned shadows are your thing then you’ll definitely be drawn towards this one. 


Swatched left to right:

  • Foxy – Matte beige
  • Half baked – Bright golden shimmer
  • Bootycall – Pink champagne pearl
  • Chopper – Warm bronze shimmer
  • Tease – Matte pale brown
  • Snakebite – Cool dark bronze shimmer
  • Suspect – Pale golden beige 
  • Pistol – Light satin silver 
  • Verve – Taupe shimmer
  • YDK – Cool Rose gold metallic/shimmer
  • Busted – Deep brown shimmer 
  • Blackout – Very dark matte black with slight glitter. 


NAKED 3 Palette 

Easily my favourite of all the NAKED range, this rose toned palette is beautiful to look and and to play with. With bronzes, rose golds and delicate pinks it never fails to provide you with an endless choice of looks. You are able to create pretty day time eyes or sexy smoky evening looks, while the rosy tones keep it looking feminine and elegant. 


The NAKED 3 is my most used palette of all the palettes I own, if you don’t suit warm/rosy tones this obviously wouldn’t be for you, but I think this has enough range in it that it would suit a wide variety of skin tones. 


To me this palette is so different from the first two, that I think it’s worth having it in your collection, where the first two had a similar over all feel to them, the NAKED 3 has a completely different look to it as it features so much pink and generally has lighter, more daytime wearable colours. 

Swatched left to right:

  • Strange – Matte beige with slight pink undertone 
  • Dust – Shimmery pale pink
  • Burnout – Peachy pink satin
  • Limit – Matte pink/tan
  • Buzz – Rose shimmer
  • Trick – Copper/pink shimmer
  • Nooner – Matte Cool tan/pink
  • Liar – Mauve/pink satin
  • Factory – Warm brown satin
  • Mugshot – Taupe satin
  • Dark side – Plum/taupe satin
  • Black heart – Deep chocolate with copper glitter


NAKED Smoky Palette

The latest member of the NAKED family is the NAKED smoky. Very highly anticipated and not at all disappointing. The obvious difference between the NAKED smoky and the others is the striking use of cool tones. This palette contains a range of finishes, going from shimmery to satin to matte. This palette also come with a look book with tutorials on creating different smoky looks which is a nice touch. 


As far as packaging goes, this palette is slightly different in that it’s plastic with a magnetic closure, as opposed to the last 2 which were tin with a snap shut closure. This doesn’t really make much difference to me personally but I know some people hated to previous packaging so, take what you will from that. 


Over all I really like this palette, you have the ability to go daytime or dramatic, and I find that even though I tend to stay away from cool tones, this is very flattering on. There are different shades to compliment different eye colours too which is nice, the slightly blue toned satins compliment my brown eyes, the deep plum will work with green eyes and the bronzes and browns will look great on blue eyes. 

Swatched from left to right:

  • High – Pale beige shimmer 
  • Dirtysweet – Gold shimmer 
  • Radar – Bronze shimmer
  • Armor – Silver shimmer
  • Slanted – Gun metal satin
  • Dagger – Deep grey satin with blue undertone
  • Black Market – Black satin
  • Smolder – Deep plum satin 
  • Password – Soft  matte grey 
  • Whiskey – Medium matte brown
  • Combust – Peachy matte beige
  • Thirteen – Matte beige


Side by side you can see the similarities between NAKED and NAKED 2, but NAKED 3 and Smoky have their own individual look to them. I find NAKED and NAKED3 to be my favourites of the bunch as I find them to be the most flattering. But each palette has its own unique look and all contain beautiful colours and formulations. 


Let me know your thoughts on the NAKED palettes and which ones you use and love or which ones you didn’t get on with. I will be doing a post soon with drugstore dupes for these palettes so keep your eye out for that!

You can get these on the Urban Decay website, though I tend to do my UD shopping on Debenhams as they always have deals on their beauty department. These palettes sell for Β£38.00 each. I was lucky enough to get two of these as a gift from my lovely hubby, so maybe drop a few hints or slip it onto your Christmas list this year!! 

Thanks for reading loves! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Talk soon xx 


9 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palettes Compared πŸ’•

      • robynswain says:

        I love the naked smoky for more edgy looks! but I’ve found that the Naked 3 is so much more wearable and easy for day to day looks. And I pretty much only used naked 3 for ages and there’s so much you can do with it. Well I’m really pleased that you’ve found this to be helpful! πŸ’•

        Liked by 1 person

  1. beautyandthelook1 says:

    Lovely post! They all look so lovely. I don’t have any of them but I am thinking about getting one, which one would you recommend for a first palette? πŸ™‚ x

    Liked by 1 person

    • robynswain says:

      Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ I think that you can’t go wrong with the original palette, as it’s an all rounder. And there’s colours to suit everyone. But personally my favourite is the naked 3. But it depends if you suit pinky tones or not. Xxx


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