Makeup Revolution – Worth a try?

If you haven’t heard of them, Makeup revolution are a drugstore brand who are known for their massive range of low priced cosmetics including dupes on high end beauty products, and after recently branching out to the US, they are getting more and more recognition as a high quality but extremely affordable brand. 

Today I wanted to share with you some palettes from the brand so that if you were thinking of giving them a go, you have a place to start. I’ll be showing you the blush palette, contour kit, cream colour correcting palette and an eyeshadow palette so you can get an idea of pigmentation if you haven’t yet tried their products out. 

(Ultra blush palette in Golden Sugar Β£6.00)

Personally I’m obsessed with their face products, my favourites being the blush palette, contour palette and the baked bronzer. Their palettes are usually around Β£6.00 to Β£8.00 a piece, and the quality is really very impressive for that price. Not to mention they’re beautiful to look at. The Ultra blush palette comes in a variety of shades to choose from depending on your skin tone, and each include 8 powder shades to mix and match for different looks. The blush palette also includes shades for highlighting and bronzing the skin. So it’s a great all rounder. The powders have a beautiful finish on the skin, they can be a little crumbly, especially the baked shades but over all I think they blend well and are pretty decent powders. 

The Ultra Contour Palette Β£8.00

The contour palette was incredibly hard for me to get my hands on as it seemed to be sold out everywhere for the first few weeks of its launch. But finally I managed to order on online and I’ve really been enjoying it! There are a variety of 4 bronze shades ranging from light to deep, 3 are Matte and one has a pearl finish. There are 4 highlight shades, one matte beige, one matte yellow, one satin beige and one shimmery white/gold. Over all I think this is a brilliant palette if you’re starting out with contouring and highlighting and is a good alternative to some more expensive palettes. 


Welcome to the pleasuredome Salvation eyeshadow palette Β£6.00

The eyeshadow palettes are also a favourite as they have a HUGE range to choose from and include dupes for brands including Too Faced and Urban Decay. Today I’ve swatched the Welcome to the Pleasuredome Salvation Palette as it has a great selection of colours and finishes. This was the first palette I tried from Makeup Revolution. And actually one of my first ever eyeshadow palettes. This was definitely my most used palette for a long time and this is most likely due to the fact that it has a row of 6 matte shades as well as 12 BEAUTIFUL neutral and colourful pearl/shimmer shades. 


These shadows are SO highly pigmented. I actually forgot until I swatched this how beautiful the colours are. They apply to the eyes beautiful and there really are endless looks to be created with this palette. 

Ultra Base Corrector Palette Β£6.00

So I thought this palette looked interesting as I’ve seen a few companies starting to bring out these professional correcting palettes. I picked this one up to see how it worked with my skin. Over all I find that the main shades I go for are the peachy shades to correct under eye circles and dull areas on my skin, and the yellow to brighten my under eye before concealing and highlighting. I’m not sure id say this is a must have but it’s fun to have in your collection. The main reason I’ve added this into this post is so that you can see how Makeup revolutions Cream products swatch. They feel very comfortable on the skin. Incredibly easy to apply, not too thick so that you’re having to warm up the product before you apply. They are a touch on the oily\greasy side which is the only thing I’d say. So if you already have oily skin you may find these just slide right off. But otherwise it’s worth a go if you’re a beginner and fancy trying your hand at colour correcting. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any products from Makeup revolution, and if you have, what your favourites are! 

Thanks for reading my dears! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

Talk soooon! Xx


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