October 2015 Pink Parcel๐ŸŽ€

Hello Honeys!

Today  I’m sharing with you the glorious contents of this months pink parcel. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a monthly subscription box designed to cheer you up on your time of the month. It comes with (more than enough) essentials such as tampons or pads depending on your preference, and a few little treats to help pamper yourself. 


This month was a brimming with beauty and skincare, and cute little gifts to keep in your handbag. First up, was a pretty eye and face palette from MUA cosmetics, a Revlon nail varnish in the shade ‘Gray suede’ and the most adorable little packet of retro mini nail files in the style of an old match box. 


In every box, Pink Parcel have now started including a feminine hygiene product. And Sass have been a favourite brand recently in this department. This month was the intimate refreshing mist, a gentle spritz that refreshes and helps protect from odour. (It smells like cucumber!)


In terms of skincare there were 3 samples included, an Amie cleanser and moisturiser and moisturiser which wil no doubt go into a drawer and saved for travelling and the like. And an I Love… shower/bath Creme in a peach scent which I used straight away as a bubble bath and it was lovely! 


In every box you get chocolate, tea and a discreet little pouch filled with your essentials to pop in your handbag. The chocolate is usually organic and dairy/gluten/sugar/fun free, this month is no exception. But the tea is usually yummy and this month is Mao dengue green tea, which has all the benefits of green tea but without the bitter taste. So I look forward to trying it as I love green tea anyway!
 October is breast cancer awareness month. So this months box included a few bits to help raise awareness of it which was lovely. Bandzee is a brand which has been included in the Pink parcel a few times in the past. These cute hair bands are soft and gentle, and don’t damage or leave a kink in your hair. They come in all sorts of cute designs and this months pretty pink pattern fits the theme of Brest cancer awareness perfectly. 

One thing I was over the moon to recieve was a pop heart hand warmer. One of those handy little things to keep in your pocket and activate on those extra cold days. We always used to have these in my house when I was younger and they really are amazing. I also love the cute pop art design on it which makes it a clever and stylish little accessory to have in your handbag. 

I still think it’s unbelievable that I pay ยฃ10(ish) for this and you definitely get well over the value. And who doesn’t love getting little surprises every month!?

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading xxx



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