August Glossy Box✨

well I must apologise for how late this post is going up, but I only just got my hands on the August Glossy Box as I was away when it arrived at my work! 

This month I didn’t really have particularly high hopes as the last few boxes have been a little underwhelming. But I was pleasantly surprised! The August box was the 17th birthday edition and contained 5 full sized products. 

Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush – Full size worth £20.59

The first item and my favourite item in the box, was this gorgeous blush from a company called Emite. Glossybox have coined it a ‘Blunzer’ as it has this gorgeous warm bronze tone to it while having a rosy pink blush tone. I love this blush and have been using it non stop since I got it. It’s the perfect shade for my skin tone and the matte finish is so flattering. The formula is so pigmented and blends so easily into the skin and I honestly can’t praise this product enough. If I had just received this and nothing else in my box, I would’ve been happy. 

Manna Kadar Lash Primer – Full size worth £14.55

The next item is one that I hadn’t ever really thought about using in my day to day makeup application, it’s the Manna Kadar lash primer. This is meant to condition your eyelashes prior to using your mascara to enhance the appearance of them. I like the idea of this and I would love to think that I will get a lot of use out of this. But honestly I know this will go in a drawer and I will forget all about it because honestly I do not have time in the morning for any more steps than is absolutely necessary! (I know at least one of you will know what I’m saying here) 

MeMeMe Lipglide – Full size worth £6.95

The third makeup item in the box was the MeMeMe lipglide pencil in ‘Playful peach’. This colour is so pretty and so summery that I know I will be wearing it non stop to make the most out of it before we descend into the autumn/winter months. It’s so easy to apply and I’m sure it would look lovely on a range of skin tones. I love a lipstick in pencil form so I was very happy to find this included. 


Noabay Calming Face Toner – Full size worth £10.65

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I. Love. A. Toner. I love them. I can’t get enough of cleansing waters, refreshing toners, facial spritzes, all that good stuff. So I was very very happy when I opened to box to find a full sized bottle of the Noabay Calming face Toner. What’s more is that this skincare company is natural and organic which is something that is very important to me when it comes to face products. This smells lovely and I’m looking forward to adding it into my skincare routine. 

Sass Purifying Cleanser – Full size worth £7

Last but not least is a product by the company Sass. It’s the intimate purifying cleanser which I had a sample of in one of my Pink parcels and I love this brand. This is a very gentle body wash formulated to keep you fresh while maintaining your skins natural PH levels, meaning that it doesn’t upset or irritate those delicate areas. This smells lovely and does exactly what it says on the tin!

So over all I was very happy with this month’s Glossybox. And I can’t wait for the September one! If you get the Glossybox, let me know your thoughts, if you are subscribed to another box which you’d would recommend, let me know so I can get on board with that!! 

Thanks for reading, lovelies. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Talk soon xx


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