Jane Iredale – Clean makeup. 

So I recently did some training with the lovely girls over at the International institute of anti ageing. And learned a thing or two about clean makeup. Jane Iredale are a cosmetics company who only use the finest minerals and natural ingredients In their products. Their cosmetics are all designed with ingredients to help improve the quality of your skin.. which means no guilty feelings in the morning when you fall asleep with your foundation on!


The foundations come in both powder and liquid form, and all provide amazing coverage while mimicking your own skin. So they look and feel more natural. In the recent heat wave, I haven’t wanted to overload my skin with my normal foundation *ehem* Doubld Wear *ehem!* So I’ve been using the Jane Iredale Amazing base loose powder foundation. And it’s so lightweight that I can hardly feel it on my skin, but it still covers all my imperfections. They all contain various levels of SPF and the active ingredients help to nourish and brighten skin while you’re wearing them. I set my loose powder with ‘Pommist’ which is one of their gorgeous hydrating setting sprays. 

I picked up a few new bits recently, and I thought I’d share them with you! 



I’m a big fan of fake tan. I’m also a big fan of natural skincare products. So when I saw that Jane Iredale had their own gradual tanner I needed to try this!!! It’s not an instant tan, you do need to build it up over a few days. But it gives the most beautiful glow without the fake tan smell. I have darker skin anyway so I don’t get the most from this product. But if you’re a little more on the pale side, you will love this. It has colour adapting technogy which means it will work with your skin to become a colour best suited to you.  

Lip pencils in ‘Spice’ & ‘Nutmeg’

The mineral pigments they use are very strong so the colour pay off is gorgeous. I’ve been trying to expand my lip liner collection lately so these will be well loved. These last ages and come in so many colours. I can’t wait to try more! These two colours are really pretty “your lips but better” colours. 

Smooth affair primer & brightener

I love this primer! A little goes a long way and it works as a base for any foundation, powder or liquid. It smoothed over pores and fine lines, illuminates and definitely makes your makeup last longer. 

Crease brush & Flocked sponge

The flocked sponge is a super soft sponge application which is perfect for applying mineral makeup and blotting off excess. The crease brush is super soft and is perfect for softening edges and blending out shadows. 

Pure gloss Lip gloss in ‘Raspberry’

This is the yummiest lip gloss! I’m not even a big fan of lip gloss these days, but these are so pigmented and smell gorgeous. I love this colour too, it’s a lush rose brown which goes perfectly with the ‘Spice’ lip pencil. 

Liquid liner

This is very simply a very black liquid eyeliner. It’s lovely and long lasting and there isn’t really that much else I can say about it! It applies easily and seems to last well on my eyes. But I’ll let you know my thoughts after a few tries.

I can’t wait to try more products, mineral makeup is perfect for the summer and these will definitely be coming with me on my holiday to the south of France next month as they’re all perfect for creating a laid back, no makeup makeup look. 

If you want to know any more about the products let me know and I shall share my thoughts with you! Otherwise you can find any extra info and products here on the Jane Iredale website!

Thanks for reading dollies! Talk very soon xx


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