June Favourites ☀️


First off.. How!? How is it July already!? This summer is flying by and I’m not too happy about the whole thing! 

Today I’ll be talking about my favourite products I’ve been using through the last few weeks, a bit of a mix of beauty, haircare, accessories and just random bits. I’ll jump straight in and start with my makeup faves!

Oh I waited a long time to get my hands on these. It’s taken ages to find anywhere in the UK which stock Milani products. Then I found The Beauty Crowd and all my Milani dreams came true. These are not only beautiful to look at but the colour range and the pigmentation you get with these are stunning. I can’t wait to try out more shades and will definitely be looking at picking up more Milani products. 


I can’t believe I left this out of my last favourites post! My brows have never looked so good. This is so easy to use, long wearing and you only need the smallest bit so the pot lasts ages. Mine is in Dark brown which is perfect for my eyebrows. I’m dying to try the brow wiz so if any of you have tried it, let me know your thoughts. 


I know lots of company’s have their own version of this, YSL touché éclat, Jane iredale Active light, but this is the best one I’ve found which works with my double wear foundation. It doesn’t add lots of coverage but it does even the skin. It’s a perfect product to take with you for on the go touch ups too as it’s super easy to apply and instantly brightens your skin, I mostly use this under my eyes to help me look more awake! 


This I received free when I bought my double wear foundation and I am in love. The brush is perfect for building up full, thick lashes quickly and the formula is long wearing, but not too harsh. These mini sizes last a really long time too I’ve found, so it’ll be a little while before I need to get myself a full sized tube. 


I know I’m a bit late jumping on the HOOLA band wagon. But I got a sample of it when I bought some bits from Benefit. And it has lasted me forever!  I’ve only just hit pan and it was probably about half the size of a full size box. It’s so pigmented and the perfect cool toned shade, meaning it’s perfect for contouring. I will definitely be getting another once I’ve run out of this one. 

I’ve never really been much of a jewellery wearer, but every now and then a piece will catch my eye and I’ll have to have it. And recently I’ve been loving the earrings H&M have been coming out with. They’re not too over the top but they’re enough to catch your eye. I’m loving these two pairs at the moment which I think cost me around £7.00 each. 

I was excited to try this when I first got it because I’d never seen anything quite like it, and it did not disappoint. This smells glorious and lathers up really well, my hair feels so so clean after using it which I suppose is from the lack of chemicals, and I really think it’s helping to improve the quality of my hair. Definitely worth purchasing as this tiny bar lasts up to 80 washes.  



I adore these! I literally cannot stop buying them. Not just this one but all of their candles, they smell gorgeous and they burn for hours! This one cost £2.00 and it burns for 30 hours. I have them in every room and even when they’re not burning you get a lovely scent from them. 

Those were my favourites from the month of June! I Can’t wait to read all about your favourites and I hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far! 

Thanks for reading my dearies! 


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