Favourite Summer nail varnishes πŸ’…πŸ»β˜€οΈ Featuring BarryM and China Glaze

I love summer. Don’t you just love summer!? Warmer days, longer evenings, brighter colours. One thing I cannot resist this time of year is a bright nail varnish, it simply makes me feel better to have a pop of colour! So these are my current favourites. 


(Left to right: Turned up turquoise, Pink Voltage, Mediterranean charm & Purple panic)

China glaze do an amazing selection of colours! And one of my all time favourites is Purple panic from their neon range. It’s a beautiful bright pink which dries matte but can be made glossy with a top coat. I always get compliments on it. The other one from the neon range is Turned up turquoise which is a also great matte colour which looks amazing with a tan. I recently got Pink voltage which is a neon pink but slightly lighter than Purple panic. It’s really pretty and has a matte finish, you do need about 3 coats to get an even colour with this one though. Lastly is Mediterranean charm which is a rosy red/pink, this is super glossy on its own and is my go to summer night out colour.


BarryM are one of my all time favourite brands for nail varnishes which is no secret as I go on about them all the time. So it was quite hard to narrow down my summertime favourites from them. In the end I picked my 3 most loved ones from the Gelly shine line and 3 from the Glitterati line. From the Gelly shine range I chose “Fondant” which is a lovely pink/lilac colour, Sugar Apple, a pastel mint/blue and Green berry, a soft turquoise. 

From the glitterati range (I chose not to show these on my nails as the fumes were getting to me at this point and glitter is a nightmare to get off!) I love the colour Socialite, a gorgeous pink glitter which looks good on its own or over a pink polish, Fashion icon, a stunning cosmic purple and blue glitter, and Catwalk queen, a pretty blue/green glitter which i prefer to use over a green polish to add depth as it’s quite a sheer glitter. 


So those are the nails I shall be rocking this summer. Let me know what your favourites are and what brands you would recommend!

Thanks for reading!! Talk soon🌷


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