June Glossy Box πŸ’•


Subscription boxes quickly seem to be shaping up to be my favourite beauty treats each month. The Glossybox contents is always diverse, and the mount of full sized products you receive in each box makes it pretty good value for money. 

This month was the festival edit, featuring products to get you looking festival ready, plus a couple cute items to take with you to keep your skin looking fresh. 

Flash tattoos – Full sized (www.glossybox.co.uk)

These metallic wonders have been everywhere lately and I’ve been dying to give them a go. They look so pretty wrapped around your wrist or ankle and add something a bit different to your usual look. I know a few people complained about receiving these in the boxes but I think it’s just a bit of a fun thing to try out! I haven’t actually used them yet so I’m not sure how easy they are to apply, but I’m looking forward to playing with these in the coming weeks! 

Essence Gel Nail polish – Full sized (www.essence.eu/UK)

So Lots of companies have now been coming out with gel polishes which supposedly last a bit longer and have a little extra shine to them. I love the colour that this came in, it’s a perfect summery green shade. I’ll be interested to see how well the finish lasts without chipping as it’s not the best brand, and as they’re very cheap to buy it’s a little disappointing to receive, but I’ll give it a go! Might be pleasently surprised! 

AntiCellulite booster cream – Full sized (www.kueshi.com)

First. This bottle is massive. Which really impressed me. Because as lovely as it is to try all these new brands, when they are only sample sizes, it’s hard to get an idea of how well it will work with your skin over time. So this big beautiful 150ml bottle of cream is most welcome. However. I remain skeptical when it comes to anti cellulite lotions and potions, as I’m a strong believer that your skin reflects your lifestyle & diet, so creams will only be able to make a slight difference unless you’re willing to put in the work to help it along. But I’ll definitely give it a try and see how it works out. 

Cleansing wipes – Travel size (www.halowipes.co.uk/storefinder)

There’s not really a whole lot I can say about these as they’re just cleansing wipes! Good for on the go cleansing and makeup removal. They contain vitamin E and aloe Vera so they aren’t too drying on your skin like some cleansing wipes tend to be. A little disappointing to receive such a basic product, but a handy thing to have. 

Rosewood reviving mist – Travel size (www.monushop.co.uk)

Does anyone else think of Pretty Little Liars whenever you see the word Rosewood? Anyway, this is a lovely little product to keep with you, it’s a refreshing, hydrating facial spray which can be used to set makeup or just give your skin a little boost throughout the day. It contains lemon, rosewood and geranium so it smells loooovely!! I’m always happy to receive a product like this in my glossy box as my skin can get really dehydrated. 

So that’s what I received this month!! A bit of an underwhelming selection unfortunately, but for Β£10 a month I’m not really complaining. If there are any products here you would like to know more about then feel free to ask! 

Thanks for reading lovelies xx


3 thoughts on “June Glossy Box πŸ’•

      • Reality Deity says:

        Me Too! The weirdest thing I gave up after that show (well tried to) After they found A but it gets so much bigger and I cant let go of it .<
        I just can't seem to pick which one
        I think I'm def going to try the pink parcel one for this month as I love the idea of getting a little gift before mother nature hurts me haha.
        I also think I got a You Beauty box for free last year which was from a code. It's all fun and interesting to never know what you get :O

        But the bills are what hurts me haha xx


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