May Pink parcel ๐Ÿ’•

So I am still obsessed with my pink parcel subscription boxes. They’re always full of such diverse and luxurious products. The aim of each box is to provide you with a few products to keep you feeling pampered throughout an otherwise miserable week. It arrives (most of the time) just before you are due to get your period and is packed with tampons/pads (you choose) and an assortment of beauty products.ย 

This month included all the makings of ย a relaxing night in. A candle, hot drinking fudge, shampoo, chocolate, a face mask and a toner.

I’ll give you a little more info on the beauty products as I’ve found some gems in these boxes!!

Richard Ward Couture Hair – Hydraslim shampoo for normal/coarse hair.ย 

“Super-smoothing, cleansing lather with Lychee Fruit extract and Vegetable Glycerin to boost moisture retention and sleeken and leave hair feeling hydrated yet slimmed, without overload or residue”. This shampoo smells gorgeous! Which is all I can really say on the matter at the moment as I haven’t used it on my hair yet. I’ve had hair products from the pink parcel before and I’ve loved them all so I’m excited to try this. (

Anatomicals botanical hydrating rose face mask

“Come into the Garden, Maud. itโ€™s mother natureโ€™s beauty parlour. let our hydrating mask with balancing rose flower extract leave your skin flawless and radiant, with not a hint of dryness, flakiness, green fly or mildew. close up, weโ€™ll turn you into a pruning (shouldnโ€™t that be preening?) picture of perfection.” Who doesn’t love a face mask!? I’m obsessed with anything with rose in as it holds so many skincare benefits (plus it smells beautiful) and my skin is in constant need of hydration. So this mask has my name written all over it. (

L’occitane essential water

“This alcohol-free toner, enriched withย immortelleย floral water refreshes, softens, and helps to firm the skin.ย After cleansing, apply morning and evening to the face and neck with a cotton wool pad” I love a toner! And from what I’ve read, this one is quite lovely. So this is another product I was excited to receive. (

Flamingo candles Green apple scent meltย 

“A fresh new brand, Flamingo Candles is a fun and original collection of handmade, organic candles. Our soybean scent melts are another way of experiencing our delicious, evocative fragrances. Place one in an oil/fragrance burner, along with a tealight, and watch it melt to release a powerful, moreish aroma.”ย This. ย Smells. Wonderful. Just so so gorgeous. If you’re a candle lover like me then you’ll definitely want to try out Flamingo candles. (

Those were the highlights of this month’s pink parcel. I know this is currently a UK subscription box, but you can pick up these products from their respective websites if you’re wanting to give them a go.

Let me know if you’re signed up to any subscription boxes. I’m always looking for new ones to try out!

Thanks for reading beauties.ย 

Talk soon xx


4 thoughts on “May Pink parcel ๐Ÿ’•

    • robynswain says:

      I definitely think it is, because if you think you’d be paying for tampons or whatever anyway, you might as well pay a little more a month and get some beauty goods sent to you aswell! They’ve had some growing pains as they’re quite a new company so I know a few people have had late boxes. But I’ve not had any issues with them so far. You could always try it for a month then cancel if you didn’t think it was worth it though. Xxx


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