Maybelline 100th Anniversary Collection πŸ’™β€οΈ

So yesterday while I was shopping the make up aisles. The Maybelline stand caught my eye with this super fun packaging! It’s all for their 100th anniversary! In this collection they’ve included 4 lipsticks, a mattifying powder, a go colossal mascara, and 4 nail varnish shades. I think those of you in the U.S. May have slightly different packaging as when I was looking in Instagram I saw some different (equally adorable) anniversary bits.Β 

While the nail varnishes were cute, I am always drawn to new Lippies!! So of course I picked up all four shades which are all gorgeous. They are the colour sensational lipsticks which you have probably seen or tried before. I loved how they had a shade to go with any look you want to create.

(Shades from left to right: 418 peach popey. 148 summer pink. 365 plum passion. 547 pleasure me red)

The peach colour is definitely my favourite. It’s a little more sheer than the other shades, but is a really pretty, easy to wear summery shade. All of the colours are super moisturising and pigmented and smell lovely!

As for the mascara and the powder, the ‘go colossal’ mascara ranges never fail to impress. Easy to build up, full, lengthened lashes instantly. Not too pricey and just a nice every day mascara. I haven’t tried the powder yet but I imagine it’s just your standard mattifying finishing powder.

If you get a chance, definitely try out the lipsticks as they really are lovely.

Thanks for reading!

Talk soon lovelies!!


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