Bellami Hair Extensions. Mini review & how I get this colour ❤️

The questions I receive most all seem to be about my hair so in this post I’m going to fill you guys in on my secrets to getting big bouncy shiny red hair! If you’ve been considering trying out red hair or if you’ve been wanting to try out Bellami Hair extensions, then keep reading and I shall share my knowledge with you!

Now please keep in mind that I am not a trained hairdresser, I learned most of my tips and tricks from the youtubes so they may or may not work for you x

So first off, let’s talk Bellami. If you haven’t heard, Bellami are currently one of the most talked about clip-in hair extension brands and are well known for delivering an extremely high quality of remi human hair. I have tried many many hair extension companies over the years including HeadKandy, Foxylocks, Lush hair, and a few other beauty supply store brands. Bellami hands down beat them all for me. My hair is crazy thick so when I buy a set of extensions, volume is something that I look for. Bellami offer a huge range of colours and lengths and you are also able to choose how much hair you get. For me I go for the Belissima Set in chocolate brown which is 220g and is more than enough to give me the thickness I am looking for. They even do 240g and 260g sets if you’re really looking to turn heads.

I had my last set of Bellamis for 9 months and they are still going strong (despite my constant heat abuse and relentless dying), I just decided to get a new set as I have a wedding coming up and want to look fressshhhh next to the other bridesmaids.

The hair is the same thickness root to tip, meaning you don’t get the rat tail scraggly ends that you might find with other brands. The only problem I’ve found with these extensions is that when it comes to dying the hair, it has a silicon coat on (in order to keep it shiny and tangle-free) and it takes quite a lot to get through this coat to dye them.

To dye mine red I had to wash them first, then dye them twice, which actually isn’t quite the colour I want but I got my hair colour over a few months of dying it so I don’t expect the extensions to do it over night.

I use Loreal majicontrast in Magenta Red and a 6% (20 vol) developer to get the colour I have now, for the Bellamis I left them to develop for 30 minutes, rinsed them and then repeated. I used an Aussie conditioning mask then hung them up to air dry (as I figure I’ve probably abused them enough for one night) As they dried the colour lightened up a bit and the match was pretty good, still a little bit dark, but nothing I can’t work with!!

(In hindsight I could’ve gone for Bellamis Vibrant red shade and worked from there, but from photos and videos it looked quite light and I wanted to do them from a similar colour to my natural hair.)

Let me know what your thoughts on Bellami hair extensions are, and what other brands you would recommend trying.

Hope this has helped some of you 🙂

Talk soon, Robyn XO


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