Time to say goodbye to Winter Skin βœ¨

Now that it’s a little warmer and the time is creeping up to expose the skin we’ve been keeping covered up for the last 6 months, it’s time to start getting that dull winter skin summer ready!

Here are some of my favourites for getting soft glowing skin.Β 

Body scrubs

The first step in getting beautiful, bright skin is with a good body scrub. This is going to get rid of all the dull dead skin cells and smooth any dry patches, revealing brand new skin. Some of my favourites are Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub and “Flake away”, Westlab’s Himalayan salt scrubΒ (which is amazing for detoxifying and targeting cellulite) and Along Came Betty’s One Pot of Polish. You can always use a homemade scrub by mixing coarse sugar, olive oil and a drop of your favourite essential oil to make it smell yummy! Use the scrub to buff over clean skin in circular motions to help boost circulation and Slough off flaky skin.


Using a daily moisturiser on your body is super important for maintaining soft hydrated skin. My favourite moisturisers at the moment are Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Buttercream and The Righteous Butter which both smell gorgeous and leave your skin lovely and soft. I’m also loving the St.Tropez daily gradual tan. It leaves your skin with a soft glowing tan, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t have that gross fake tan smell. The colour develops over 8 hours so I use this for a couple of nights to build up the colour if I have a special event to go to.

For hands I use the Soap & Glory Hand Food and for feet I use Heel Genius (can you tell I’m a big S&G fan!?) The Heel Genius is an overnight foot mask made with clever fruit acids which gently exfoliate by eating away at dead skin. Meaning when you wake up in the morning you have wonderfully soft feet.

Pretty Little Extras

On an extra special night I have a couple of secret weapons I go to to make sure my skin looks as vibrant and golden as it possibly can. The first is The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. This hydrates your skin with a fast absorbing oil, and the bronze shimmer catches the light, giving you a soft bronzed look while highlighting all the right places. The second is Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs, which is make-up for your legs! Mine is in the colour Tan Glow and it is just like putting foundation on your legs. It evens out the skin and covers any scars or discolouration. If fabulous is what you’re going for, then get yourself a bottle of magic leg makeup.

Let me know what body products you love. And what your go to products are for perfect summer skin.

Apologies for the lack of my own photos today. I’ve been bed ridden with a horrid bug but thought I should probably get a post up! All credit for the pictures goes to the respective brand websites ❀️

Thanks for reading,

Talk soon,

Robyn XO


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