Mini E.L.F Haul & Review ❤️

I Love an ELF delivery! They’re one of my favourite cosmetics companies as their products are always so affordable and are such good quality. They always have amazing offers and sales on their website so you get a lot more for your money. ELF don’t advertise meaning that they are able to offer their lush products at a lower price.


I’ve been dying to try out the Blush palettes for ages and when I went on their website the other day there was a 50% discount across the whole site, so I took advantage and bought both the light and the dark palettes. Each palette comes with 4 shades with a mix of satin, matte and shimmer finishes. At £7.95 each (full price), I think it’s a bargain.

The Light palette is beautiful, perfect for spring/summer as it is made up of a bright matte bubblegum pink, a rosy pink, a satin finish bronzer and a shimmery coral.

The colours at first I thought were a little powdery, but they seemed to blend out quite nicely and they can be built up on the cheeks to create a stronger colour depending if you’re going for a more natural or dramatic look.

The Dark palette is my favourite of the two. Most likely because I have darker skin and the berry and rose tones tend to be what I reach for. The palette is made up of a matte peachy coral, a rosy pink, a beautiful dark cranberry with gold shimmer and a satin finish warm berry colour. I also found that this palette swatched better. The colours came off more pigmented and blended easily.

If you’ve been thinking about trying these palettes, I would definitely recommend them! The Light will be perfect for you if you’ve got light skin and want some brights for the coming seasons. The Dark pallette will still work for you but would probably be better for autumn/winter. If you have medium/dark skin then you will probably, like me, prefer the Dark palette, though the Light is still beautiful and its always nice to have a few brights in your collection.

ELF’s Essential Lipsticks – £1.95

These lipsticks saw me through my teens. with the huge range of colours to choose from and the fact that they only cost £1.95 (used to be £1.50) meant that I could constantly change up my look without spending too much. The colour pay off is amazing, the lasting power is pretty impressive and they smell like sweets! I got the colours “Sociable” and “Seductive” which are both incredibly easy to wear pinks which are great for flinging in your handbag in the morning. My other favourite shades are “Posh” and “Flirty” but they were sold out when I was shopping on their website.

ELF Studip Makeup Remover Pen – £3.95

This is my first time trying the make up remover pen. I thought it looked like quite a useful tool for doing clean up after applying eyeshadow/liner/mascara. The formula is Infused with Vitamin E, Cucumber and Chamomile to moisturise and condition skin and gently corrects smudges, smears and mistakes. I’m always doing wonky eyeliner or stabbing myself in the eye with a loaded mascara wand, so I’m looking forward to giving this a go!

ELF Studio Concealer – £3.95

This by no means is the best concealer I’ve tried, but for £3.95 (or £1.97 as it was 50% off) I can see past its flaws. This is simply a great little concealer to throw in your makeup bag and do quick touch ups throughout the day. It’s creamy and lightweight and blends out quickly and easily. It can crease a little if you’re using it under your eyes but its nothing too noticeable. I got mine in the colour “Tan” which is perfect for my medium/dark skin tone.

let me know what ELF products you can’t live without. and what your thoughts were if you’ve tried any of these! I get mine from If you are in the states its Sometimes I find that the stock levels can be quite low so there is not as much to choose from, but if you want to try a product you can leave your email address and they let you know when it is back in stock!

I hope you have all had an amazing weekend,

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Thanks for reading lovelies!! ❤

Robyn XO


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