Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation. 

Now I’ll be honest. The only reason this foundation caught my eye was because at a glance it looked like a pretty good match for my skin tone. And when you have medium to dark skin, you take what you can get in terms of foundation. And this is partly because the drugstore brands are often limited in the range of colours they provide, skipping from sun beige colours straight to Coco. Being somewhere in the middle, I find it difficult.

So when I saw this I was over the moon. I bought two shades, one in “Golden Beige” one in “Caramel” as I do like to throw on a bit of St tropez every now and then and it’s nice to have an even colour all around. And I sometimes like to use a darker foundation to contour with.

Now when I got it home and tried it out, I was pretty impressed. I loved the packaging. The pump made it easy to dispense the foundation. And the bottle wasn’t too bulky. Nice and compact with 30ml of product inside. I was impressed by the amount of coverage it gave, while still  being a light weight formula. It was blendable and easy to build up in areas which needed more coverage, but still had a natural finish.

After using this for about a week. I started to notice something.

The glitter.

Glitter everywhere. Not so noticeable when in artificial light or when stood further away. Or apparently when smearing on your foundation in the morning rush through sleepy eyes. But sure as hell noticeable out and about in natural light or when up close. While the glitter doesn’t tend to show up too much in photos, I suppose it’s intended to give your skin the radiant appearance, making it “photo ready.” But unfortunately for day to day use, It’s probably not the first foundation I would reach for.

While the shimmer is a little off putting, it isn’t the end of the world for me. I have tried worse foundations. And I will continue to use this when going out in the evenings when the glitter isn’t so noticeable. It does give a nice finish and lasting coverage. And if you are setting your foundation with a matte finish powder, it does help a bit. But I do feel it’s a personal preference based on how you feel about sparkles in your make-up.

Let me know your thoughts on it. And which foundations you would recommend. Especially those of you with lovely but awkward skin tones like myself.

I got mine from Boots. they are available and currently retailing at £12.99.



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