Bperfect Semi permanent brow kit πŸ’•

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to be talking about a new and exciting product I was lucky enough to be sent through to test out. And that is the semi permanent Brow kit by the brand BPerfect cosmetics

BPerfect strive to create innovative products that are on trend, forward-thinking, and unique. The selection of signature products were designed as a safe and natural alternative to non-invasive treatments. All of the products in the range are easy to use, versatile and created to change your cosmetic routine forever.

As someone who prefers the looks of big bold brows, I’m constantly on the hunt for products which make a statement and have the lasting power to see me through the day. I was excited to try this kit, as your get everything you need to create your desired look. 

The kit comes with a brow powder of your colour choice, a double ended brush which is PERFECT for creating a precise shape and filling in any gaps, and 3 stencils depending on whether you want thinner, natural or thicker brows. 

The powder is very pigmented meaning that a little goes a long way, and you can build up to the colour and definition that you want. It’s long lasting meaning that you don’t have to worry about your brows fading or transferring. It’s sweat proof and water proof and will last until you decide to remove it. 

The stencils make it easy for beginners prof you’re wanting to experiment with different shapes and styles. 

You can purchase the kit from BPerfect cosmetics. They have a few other products which I’d love to try out so I will keep you updated on my thoughts if I get the chance. 

I’d love to know if you try the kit and what your thoughts are! 

Thanks for reading xx


August Glossybox πŸŽ€

Hello lovelies, today I’ll be unboxing my August Glossy Box. This was a special one for Glossybox as it was their birthday edition! So it came with a little package of  3 extra goodies if you used the code they sent through.

I actually cancelled my Glossybox for a few months because I felt like it wasn’t really giving me anything I didn’t already use or anything I was particularly interested in. It rarely included makeup and if it did, the colour usually wasn’t right for me or the quality was a bit poor. Similarly with the skincare included, it wasn’t really giving me anything special and a lot of it was tailored towards anti aging which is nice, but not really something I’m all that concerned with (YET!) 

But when I saw that they were doing a special box for their birthday edition, I thought hey, why not give them another shot, besides its nice getting a few surprises each month. 

So first off, we have MUA Cosmetics Heaven & Earth palette, which includes 12 shades of shimmer eyeshadows. A range of sparkly bronze and golden shades. 

This reminds me a little of the Urban Decay Naked3 palette with its rosy bronze tones. This is a great every day palette with extremely wearable neutral shades, with a pop of shimmer for some extra glamour. These retail for Β£4 each which is a bargain if you ask me! 

Next there was a BellΓ‘ Pierre Cosmetics lipstick in the shade Burlesque. I LOVE this shade. It’s a beautiful berry pink which will complement a variety of different looks. I’ve used their lipsticks before and the formula is lovely and creamy so I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of this. All of their mineral makeup is extremely high quality and it’s nice to recieve a lipstick worth Β£20 in the box!

There were a couple of skincare items in this box. A Spa to you Deep pore cleansing facial brush and a Mudmasky facial detox recovery mask. I have been really into my masks lately and can’t wait to give this one a go. Especially being that a full size of this sells for Β£59! (You can get 20% off with code glossy20uk) so I have high hopes for it. On the Mudmasky website, it claims to Refine Pores and Brighten, while keeping your skin Hydrated and Smooth. All good things! I shall report back once trying it out. 

As for the Spa to you Deep pore cleansing Facial brush, I’ve wanted to try a facial brush for a while now, so it’ll be interesting to see if this makes any difference to my complexion. This retails for Β£6.99 on their website

Next up is the SASS Perfect Skin concentrate serum which is great if you’re prone to ingrown hairs after shaving/waxing. I’ve used this before and I’m a big fan of SASS skincare products, so I was happy to get a bottle of this included. A full sized bottle of this is Β£12.00 and you can get it from Boots

Neeeext we have this funky little pair of tweezers from Browtician. Can you ever have too many pairs of tweezers? Really? I don’t think you can. So these are a welcome addition to my little tool collection. Plus the design is super cute. They recently brought out a collection of 5 different designs exclusive to Superdrug. I got the Love skull design and they retail for Β£7.99 each. 

Next is the Cowshed Wild cow Invigorating Body Lotion. Cowshed have a MASSIVE variety of body care and skincare products, each more delicious than the last. This smells wonderful as does everything else I’ve tried from Cowshed, though a little on the pricey side, a full sized bottle of lotion retails for Β£20.00 each. But a little goes a very long way. 

As a last little bonus treat, there was a little canvas makeup bag with the Glossybox initials on the front, perfect for travelling and perfect for keeping all this month’s Glossy treats together. 

Let me know what subscription boxes you’re loving at the moment. I’d love to try something new. 

If you’re interested in signing up you can do so on their website if you click Here

Thanks for reading, lovelies πŸŽ€

BARDOU HaircareΒ 

I was recently lucky enough to be contacted by Shannon at BARDOU, and offered a chance to be an affiliate with their gorgeous brand. 

Their philosophy is delivering luxury products for you to create gorgeous hair at home. They supply a wide range of hair products and accessories from dry shampoos and treatments, to hair rollers and brushes. The Keratin enriched formula promotes shine, volume and condition. Each of the products are made in Britain, packed with wholesome essences and elixirs delicately selected from all around the world. 

I recieved their products and the first thing that I noticed was how chic the black and gold packaging is.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Finishing mist which is a hairspray and the Immaculate spray which is a dry shampoo. 

First off, these products smell AMAZING. They really do. I’m not really one who normally uses hairspray, as being a redhead, the less product I use and the less hair washing I have to do, the better my colour lasts. BUT. I have been using this hairspray like its going out of style since I got it! The formula is so lightweight, yet still holds your style in place. It keeps your hair looking glossy, but doesn’t feel like you’ve got a ton of product in your hair. It brushes right out once you’re done with that style too, meaning you don’t get a build up over time. 

I was very grateful to recieve the Immaculate finish dry shampoo, can you ever really have too much dry shampoo?? No. No you can’t. 

Again, the smell is lovely, I have dark roots and it doesn’t go a really bright funny grey/white powdery colour when you spray it on, so it brushes out flawlessly. For me, this works perfectly, however I know that for those of you who have more oily hair, it can be hard to find a good dry shampoo which effectively stops the slick. But I think it does a decent job of giving you an extra day or two before giving in to a proper hair wash. 

Over all I’m really happy with the products I’ve tried from Bardou, and will be trying more in future. 

You can buy them HERE, and if you use code ROBYN10 you will recieve 10% off! 

Thanks for reading lovelies. 

Talk soon! Xx

Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask

So I’ve been really into my face masks recently, possibly because my skin tends to go haywire in the summer. I’m a big fan of Sanctuary spa body products, though I’d never tried any of their skincare range. This Thermal detox mask caught my eye when I was shopping masks the other day on the Boots website. 

It’s been years since I tried a self heating mask and I must admit it’s something of a novelty when you first apply it. The heat doesn’t last long but it’s just enough to know that your pores have relaxed so that it can effectively deep cleanse and detoxify your skin. 

The mask is comfortable on, and doesn’t dry in the same way some clay masks do. It claims to draw out impurities from the skin using charcoal and kaolin extract. It also uses myrrh essential oils to remove excess oils. 

This is only a 5 minute mask so is really easy to fit into your skincare routine 2 or 3 times a week to keep skin clear and free from impurities. 

Boots sells this mask for Β£10.00 a tube and you get 100ml which is a pretty decent size. You can pick up one off sachets of it too for Β£2.99 if it’s something you’re wanting to try before you buy a full sized bottle, but they usually have good offers on so keep an eye out for those. 

Over all I think this is a great mask and will be trying more products from their skincare range. If you were wanting to try the Loreal purity mask but don’t like the feel of a drying clay mask, this could be a nice alternative for you. 

Let me know your thoughts and recommendations for affordable face masks! I want to try them all!

Thanks for reading my dearies 🌻

You matter too.Β 

This is going to be a little bit different from the usual beauty posts, but I figure if I’ve got a space to post my thoughts, why not share something which has been on my mind?

I have a little confession to make… I am a people pleaser. Shocking I know. 

Confrontation is just not something I’ve ever been comfortable with. Whether it involves expressing how I feel about a situation or a person’s actions, to the little things in life, such as sending food back at a restaurant. 

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad quality, it’s nice to feel liked and to be perceived as a positive or kind natured person. It simply means that those who you come across in life, who happen to be more strong willed than you, or even just speak in a louder voice than you do, will not hesitate to take advantage of your peaceable nature. 

But there comes a time when you need to start thinking about something.. Has your desire to please others resulted in you being surrounded by people who are likewise looking out for you? People who make you happy? Or are you constantly going out of your way to give of your time and energy to help others, being stepped on and getting nothing in return? 

That is what i’d like to talk about today. Toxic relationships which are more than likely doing nothing to help you or your mental stability, but are draining and difficult. This can be in the form of a friendship, a romantic relationship or a professional relationship. 

I’ve had lots of these types of friendships, to this day I still do in fact. But I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the kind of person I want to become, and if these people are holding me back or encouraging me to better myself. 

There are a few ways you can tell if a person is a toxic friend to have around: 

  • You’re constantly put in difficult or awkward situations due to the carelessness of their actions 
  • You’re constantly having to hear about their drama, and feel a responsibility towards them
  • They make you feel like you are always at fault or aren’t quite good enough 
  • They encourage you to take up harmful habits 
  • They make you question your style, your opinions and your decisions
  • They belittle the people who are closest to you in an attempt to make you feel as though they are more valuable than they actually are
  • They question your success, constantly undermining your confidence 
  • They make unkind comments and claim they’re just being honest because they’re such a good friend. 
  • They are antagonistic and argumentative, only believing that their opinion is the right one 
  • They are self assured to the point of arrogance, making you feel like your voice doesn’t matter. 

These are only a few things which I have put up with in friendships. And as a result of this, my mental health has suffered. As someone who already suffers from Anxiety and depression, I definitely don’t need to surround myself with people who are constantly going to put me down and make me question myself. 

The point of all this is simple. You matter too. 

Do not sacrifice your mental stability and your self confidence for someone who is only going to sap you of it. 

Don’t let someone walk all over you simply because you’re too shy or afraid to stand up for yourself. 

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are worth less than you are. You deserve to be surrounded by a loving, caring circle of friends and family, who want the best for you and want to see you succeed at everything you do. 

Never feel bad about being selfish when it comes to taking care of your mental or spiritual wellfare. I promise you, toxic friends wouldn’t think twice about stepping on you to get what they want, so you sure as hell shouldn’t think twice about cutting them off. 

If there is someone in your life who is draining your energy, bringing you down or continuously making you doubt yourself. Cut em’ off! Life is hard enough without that kind of negetivity. You’ve got bigger and better things to worry about, and incredible things to accomplish. 

Surround yourself with people who truly love you and have the same goals as you do. Good friends are hard to come by, and my guess is if you’ve put up with any of the above for an extended period of time, you’re likely a pretty decent friend to have around. You will have no problem finding honest, kind, genuine friends. And they will see you for what you’re truly worth. 

Thank you for reading (if you’re still here!)  I’ll be back with another beauty review tomorrow! 

Take care, loves πŸ’•

Modern Renaissance

So. Modern Renaissance. I really don’t feel like this palette needs a review. I mean, look at it. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but it kind of speaks for itself. 

Nevertheless, I shall try. 

First off lets start with the basics. This beautiful little palette contains 14 shades and will set you back Β£41.00 which is slightly more than past Anastasia palettes. 

It contains a nice mix of finishes, 9 mattes, 2 shimmers and 3 satins. It’s got a gorgeous range of warm shades which are actually very wearable. They blend like a dream, and the pigmentation is to die for. 

There are endless looks to be created with this palette. The 2 shimmer shades are stunning, especially when mixed with Mac fix + or something similar to make them pop. There are a few great transition shades and the matte shadows build on each other effortlessly. 

Everybody and their mama have been raving about this palette and for good reason. It’s got everything you could need to create summery looks, and will transition well into autumn with the gorgeous orange shades. 

If warm tones are your thing (we all know I’m obsessed with them) you will adore this palette. In my opinion it’s well worth the price tag and Personally I’ve gotten loads of use out of it in the 4 weeks that I’ve owned it. 

I ordered mine from Beauty Bay and it arrived the very next day πŸ’­ 

One thing I forgot to mention is the packaging. It’s beautiful, a gorgeous dusky pink suade cover, with gold embossing. It feels luxurious and looks beautiful in amongst my collection. The only issue is that because of the soft material (and my foundation hands), it’s already got a few makeup stains on it. But it’s what’s inside that counts isn’t it!? 

Have you tried it yet? Ive enjoyed every moment of playing with this palette and I’ve loved reading reviews and seeing all the looks that people have come up with. 

Thanks for reading lovelies πŸ’—

Talk soooooon XO

Loreal Pure Clay Masks

So I’m sure you’ve all seen the Loreal skin Pure Clay Masks on a big beautiful display by the counter at Boots (if you’re in the Uk that is) on offer for Β£5.00 each.

I’m a sucker for a face mask so I decided to pick up one. My skin is combination, more oily around that lovely time of the month but dry and dehydrated the rest of the time. I’m more drawn towards brightening, hydrating skincare products, so I picked up the Glow mask first.Β  Continue reading